How to increase the credit limit on the Bank card: all ways to increase the loan amount

The focus on successful development and increasing the volume of banking services leads institutions to offer new, relevant products on favorable terms. Not an exception is Credit Bank, whose cards are in high demand among the population due to the comfortable work with the card, its maintenance, replenishment, as well as favorable conditions for attracting borrowed funds and minimal overpayment. Receiving bank plastic for the first time, a natural question arises how to increase the limit on the Credit card if the agreed limit is less than the required one.

If a person applies to a bank for the first time, did not use a deposit, other options for a bank’s services, you can hardly count on a large loan. The first programs of the bank imply a limit of no more than 300 thousand rubles. With proper use of cards and a responsible attitude to the commitments taken there is a chance to revise the limit upwards.

What is the initial card limit Credit

What is the initial card limit Credit

When determining the limit, the bank initially proceeds from the request of the borrower, but the priority will still take into account other factors related to the proportionality of income, ability to pay, and the responsibility of a person.

The initial possible amount specified in the information published on the official website of the lender. For those who have just decided to issue a card, the maximum limit will be the value indicated in the standard offer. When you issue a Credit card, the loan line will not exceed 300 thousand rubles (according to many clients – within 100-150 thousand rubles), but later, with successful confirmation of the reliability of the borrower’s candidature, it becomes possible to increase the limit on the Credit card.

The very amount of the card balance depends little on the borrower’s desire. The Bank considers and determines the acceptable amount of the loan at its own discretion.

What influences the size of the loan

What influences the size of the loan


Bank Credit is a successful commercial structure, aimed at providing the demanded banking services with a certain percentage of profit. It is natural to assume that, first of all, the lender will be interested in a safe return of the loan under the terms of a particular program.

High chances of issuing a Credit Platinum card for able-bodied citizens who have reached 22 years of age, having an excellent history, without delinquency and problem payments, as well as stable, high earnings.

The following parameters have a primary impact on the amount of the established limit:

  1. Monthly earnings.
  2. The age of the borrower.
  3. Duration of seniority.
  4. Number of family members, dependents.
  5. worthiness, availability of other loans.
  6. Storage of savings in a bank account.
  7. Receipt of wages on plastic bank.
  8. The history of payments on previous loans.
  9. The presence of higher education, position, stability of position.
  10. Security of person, the presence of property.

Taking into account the available information, the automatic scoring system will calculate the possibility of providing funds, as well as the optimal limit that the borrower can repay in the future without a serious deterioration in the quality of life of themselves and their dependents.

Applying online completes by receiving an SMS message with the decision made and indicating the amount of .

Since much depends on the preliminary assessment of the borrower’s identity in the process of reviewing the initial application, you can try to get the maximum amount possible in standard situations by presenting convincing evidence of high solvency and worthiness.

The following references may help:

  1. 2-NDFL from the employer.
  2. Extract from the current debit or payroll card issued by the lender.
  3. Certificate of availability of deposit funds.
  4. Title deeds, documents confirming the rights to real estate or vehicles.
  5. Any other documentary evidence confirming material wealth and well-being.

The indication of the maximum possible limit in the application will be a signal to specialists of a financial institution about the need for a large loan amount. If the candidacy is regarded as reliable, it is quite possible that the bank will agree on an increased limit from the very beginning.

How soon can you ask the bank to raise the limit

How soon can you ask the bank to raise the limit


A specially designed scheme for increasing the limit on a card at the initiative of the client does not exist. The peculiarity of the procedure for revising the terms of ing of this financial structure is the one-sided increase in the available amount. Nevertheless, it is up to the payer to facilitate the speedy decision to increase lending.

At the same time, actively paying in a cashless way, timely replenishing, spending and returning large sums within the full amount, it is possible to give a basis for analyzing the need for a revision of the initial conditions.

A simple one-time withdrawal and prompt replenishment of the account will not be enough. During the next half year, TCS Bank will monitor the payment behavior of a person. If a person often uses a card, spending the entire loan provided, and then replenishes the balance, after 4 months of active work, the financial institution itself will offer to raise the amount.

If the client regularly paid on time, avoiding the formation of debts, and the amounts spent were comparable to the value of the balance, most likely, TKS will expand the line to the maximum possible limits.

How to increase card limit Credit

How to increase card limit Credit


A special appeal to a financial institution on behalf of the borrower is not required. Convincing the urgency of the need will allow active use of the card. When planning large expenses using a higher limit, you should act on the basis of individual needs:

  • if you need to raise the available balance after 9 months, it is enough to spend the funds and pay off the debt once (in full);
  • if you need to reduce the time for revising the balance, it is recommended to use borrowed funds more actively, zeroing and replenishing the line twice or three times. In this case, the proposal from Credit will be received within the next 4 months, since the statistics will show that the responsible and secured payer is in need of more funding.

The use of a number of tips will allow for 4-6 months to raise the limit to the maximum possible 700 thousand rubles. The following actions will encourage the bank to increase the limit on the Credit card online, automatically:

  • active spending operations in retail chains or via the Internet;
  • cashing large amounts;
  • regular use of money transfer services;
  • use of the limit in full.

In addition to responsible and full repayment of debt obligations to the bank, it is important to remember that the need to increase the amount will be proved if the borrower fully exhausted the limit and quickly replenished it again. The use of a grace period for non-cash payments will minimize the cost of using borrowed funds.

What to do if the bank has not raised the limit


Having received a refusal from the bank to raise the limit, one should not assume that the decision is final and irrevocable. The fact is that Credit Bank does not so much listen to customer requests as it looks at the numbers and is repelled by statistics indicating a person’s reputation and his willingness to pay increased loan obligations.

It is worth waiting for another 3-4 months, allowing the bank to reconsider its attitude towards the client. The chances for revision will be higher if a person opens at least a small deposit, issues a salary card, confirms willingness to issue a pledge and incur increased financial obligations (because a large limit may require serious monthly payments. Sometimes the history of a client is spoiled, there are delays in payments. In such a case, one can hardly hope for an increase in the amount. However, if the payments were made in full and on time, one should hope for a loyal attitude of the bank. increases the limit.

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