Our heads are reeling, too

Matt Adelman

What a month we have had, and it’s only the 14th day of September. All we can do now is hope the next 16 days fare a little better before we can rip out the calendar page and move on to October.

As if anyone needs a reminder of the last 14 days, here’s a quick recount: Devastating hurricanes driving floods and long-term economic tsunamis. Massive fires with choking haze clogging our lungs and stinging our eyes. Earthquakes shaking up buildings to the point of collapse and causing deaths. Closer to home, we as a community – and many of us as individuals – are trying our best to carry on. It doesn’t
matter, really, because we try to heal the emotional scars, all the same.

Yet, we must remind ourselves that not all the news is of the gut-wrenching variety. There are plenty of stories everyday, both on the local level and nationally, that are uplifting. True, they get overshadowed by the dramatic images of devastation and loss of life, but they are often just as important because they boast of the resiliency of the human spirit and how we come together in times of crises.

The Turnercrest Ranch’s history, Baskets of Hope and successful attorney Amy Iberlin show what a community like ours can do in rough times.

Yes, our heads, just like yours, are reeling from the horrific. Let’s slow down and let the good sink in, too.


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