Turning in his keys: After 18 years of helping people, Bohne retires from ambulance service and community throws him a thank you celebration

Crystal O’Bryan photo
Wright Mayor Ralph Kingan (left) presents a plaque to recently retired paramedic Denny Bohne last Monday at Wright Town Hall during a party. Bohne is retiring after 18 years as a paramedic for Campbell County.

Crystal O’Bryan Staff Reporter

At least once in everyone’s life they will probably have the need for an ambulance or paramedic, whether it’s a car accident or any other medical emergency.
For the last 18 years, Denny Bohne has been the paramedic in Wright and has had an impact on local residents.
So it’s no surprise that when Bohne retired, the people of southern Campbell County came out to celebrate his retirement at the Wright Town Hall Monday evening.
Bohne has made a difference in many peoples lives including Luann Borgiall, whose life he saved.
“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Denny,” Borgiall told the crowd.
Jean Kingan tried to figure out how many lives Bohne has touched.
“If he only helped save one person a month for the past 18 years, that 216 people he’s touched, not counting family members and friends,” Kingan said. “That’s a lot of people to make a difference (for).”
Many people were on hand to help Bohne celebrate the end to his paramedic career, including former co-workers.
“I knew Denny when he first started as a paramedic. He was always very kind to the patients and their families,” former co-worker Larry Jones said. “I think he really improved his response time for Wright and I’ve always enjoyed sitting and visiting when I was through. I think he will really be missed in Wright and missed in Campbell County as a whole.”
Before Bohne and his family moved to Wright in the fall of 2001, he worked in Gillette as an EMT before becoming a paramedic.
The Town of Wright and its surrounding residents are appreciative of all of Bohne’s hard work, people said.


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