Latest clothing exchange keeping us warm and cozy

Mary Stewart

With the end of January near, winter is still not finished with Wyoming just yet. We can still experience large amounts of snow and bitter cold for the next couple months. For some, winter can be difficult if you don’t have warm coats, hats and gloves.
Thankfully, this year’s clothing exchange had three racks of coats and seven tables of winter gear available during the two day event held at the Wright Community Center Jan. 25 and 26.
“We were a little nervous about all the winter coats and winter gear that we had,” volunteer Mickey Van Hemert said.
Having so much winter clothing turned out to be a good thing once the clothing exchange was finished. By Saturday, the winter gear was down to some coats and only three tables of gear left.
Close to 100 participants showed up during the event and left with many of the donated coats, hats and snow pants. New faces, along with familiar ones, were enjoying a chance to catch up with friends and a number of the children had fun putting on an impromptu fashion show after going through the racks finding funky items.
The clothing exchange initially started out as a way to make sure that all Wright children have enough clothes. It’s turned into a fun family affair. This year 15 volunteers set up the exchange in about seven hours, ensuring that every table in the center was packed full with clothing.


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